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Hey you,

Quick question for you today:

If you dropped everything today and went on a six-week vacation, how much money would your business make? 

If you can’t go on vacation without constantly checking slack, email, teams, texts, more emails, that one report, that one campaign that should work this time, etc… we should talk.

My personal favorite vacation spot ^

Most businesses I’ve worked with have the tools, the product and the content needed to make a lot of money automatically, they just don’t know how to put it together.

If you’ve got a lot of content (and even if you don’t) let’s take what you have and turn it into a powerful conversion machine that helps you sell your product to the right customers. 

Even when you’re not working. 

Here’s what working with me looks like


I’ve got 10 years of proven experience helping small businesses turn readers into buyers. I’ve generated over $24,000,000 in revenue for local small businesses, tech startups, B2B SAAS platforms and info product businesses, all through email. My focus has always been on building a machine that turns leads into customers with minimal ongoing effort. 

A machine that anyone, even if they have little-to-no email marketing experience, can run. 

A machine that if everyone turned off the lights and went home, it would still sell, automatically. 

For one company, they were missing out on a prime opportunity to sell to their customers even when their product was “closed”. With some fresh copy and simple marketing automation magic, I helped them generate an additional $750,000 a year, automatically. Seriously, no one touched that campaign for two years and it kept making that much money.

Another company had a database of small businesses who had given them their information, but for some reason or another fell out of the sales flow. I helped them create an email campaign that nurtured these small business owners until they were ready to buy, automatically. 

In less than three months of turning this campaign on and leaving it alone their sales pipeline had doubled. 

Here’s how it works: 

Conversion Audit
Let’s look at every asset you have, whether it’s on paper, on your website, or in your brain. Then we’ll look at every step of the customer journey. Then I’ll outline for you what your business needs to create a predictable flow of customers. If you’re doing great work already that I can’t improve on, I’ll tell you that too and I’ll refer you to other specialists that can make your business better. 

Get Your Tech Right
I’ll look at your marketing tech stack and build a simple and solid foundation that just works. The key here is simplicity and security. We want to be able to create campaigns fast, to test new sales techniques accurately, and to build a machine that anyone on your team (even you) can run.

Build Your Sales Engine
This is where the magic happens.
I’ll turn your email list into a sales machine that grows your business while you’re sleeping. Through clear and crisp emails, sales pages, and tried-and-true email campaigns, we’ll turn your readers into believers and your believers into buyers. Using the latest email marketing tactics coupled with a steady cadence of A/B tests, we’ll not only grow your business, I’ll share with you what we’re learning so you and your team will know your customer and the market better.

Train In-House Sales Engine “Mechanics”
Once we’ve got the right processes in place, I’ll train you and your team so they can adjust the engine as necessary. Create a new product? Your team will know exactly how to adjust the machine to sell it to the right people. Got a great new piece of thought leadership that your audience loves? You and your team will be able to fit that into your machine in a way that drives sales. 

Here’s what other people are saying

Brunson – “Erik’s knowledge of marketing makes him the go-to person for any advanced marketing automation techniques. Any company would be blessed to have someone like Erik leading their growth.”

Kiran – “Erik is an extremely talented marketing professional, a natural leader and most importantly, a really nice guy!  Erik is known for finding “smart solutions for smart problems”. There were numerous times when he would push people to move problems forward toward successful outcomes. Erik has my highest recommendation.”

Melissa – “First, the obvious. Erik has deep knowledge of industry trends and tools. He’s used an alphabet’s soup worth of different automation tools, and I’d still go to him today if I had questions about any big names in the space. Not only does he understand the tools, but he understands how to put systems in place so that the tools make sense for the company. This is a step I’ve seen experienced teams skip over, but not Erik.”

What most small business owners get wrong

  1. Email marketing has to be complicated to be successful. 
  2. It takes a long time to convert a reader into a customer.
  3. You have to constantly be writing new emails and articles to keep your business going. 
  4. If you step away from your business, it will crumble. 

Using email marketing to turn your readers into buyers can be a daunting task but it’s worth investing in because once you get it going, it will make sales for you over and over again, automatically. 

If you have an email list of at least 1000 people, and if you’re feeling like converting new customers is too hard, like you’ve been creating blog post after blog post, email after email, and you’re not getting the right results, let’s talk. I’ll tell you honestly if you’re doing the best you can, or if you’re leaving money on the table. 


Instead of hiring an expensive agency ($50k or more a month) or spending hundreds rolling the hire-a-new-vp dice, you get access to an experienced and proven expert.

I charge a minimum of $3000 for most new clients, this gives you the conversion audit and my recommendations. After that, if you want to use my recommendations to build your program out in-house, great! I’m always available to consult. Or I can work with you and/or your team to build you your own automatic sales engine.

To get started, send me an email at