When most people think of working remotely, some stereotypical images pop into their head.

First, the #vanlife, touring-a-european-country, working-from-a-macbook-air-on-a-beach digital nomad.

Photo by Nick Dunlap on Unsplash

They get to work where they want, when they want, their only boundary is the horizon, they wake up every morning to the smell of the next big adventure, all while collecting a nice steady paycheck.

The second one is the worker chilling in a co-working space, surrounded by fellow remote workers, stopping their email to play a game of ping pong, swapping ideas, going out for lunch/happy hour and smiling the whole time.

Photo by Pejmon Hodaee on Unsplash

Then there’s the other stereotypes:

What doesn’t get talked about a lot is what it’s like being a work from home parent.

My glamorous desk (note the multi-vitamins)

I’ll go into more detail over the next few months, but for most remote parent workers, you work from a spare bedroom, trying to negotiate nap times, daycare runs, and kids running into your meetings. Occasionally you get to work from a car, maybe go to a coffee shop, but the majority of the time you’re in the same spot every time.

So why do it?

For me, seeing my wife and kids (wife works from home too) whenever I want is absolutely the best thing about working from home. Also having quick access to my fridge, shower and bed.

After spending a lot of time in the remote working space, I’ve learned there’s some tips and tricks you should know if you want to work remotely.

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